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Business, Human Rights ​​​​and Development Continuous Learning Hub is created specifically for modern Corporate Social Responsibility​ ​practitioners to support you in building this unique ​skill set, ​designing innovative approaches, ​amplifying positive social impact of the private sector ​​and​ taking charge of your own professional development.  
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Supporting Continuous Independent Learning

​​Continuous learning is an ​indispensable habit if you want to remain ​relevant in your field​ and expand your career opportunities in an era of rapid and disruptive ​change. ​Today, we all ​must take ​personal responsibility for ​own professional development and make smart ​decisions ​on ​​how ​we invest ​time​ and resources to ​leverage available learning opportunities.

​BizHumanRights.com ​and Resilient-Careers.com are dedicated to address ​distinct learning and career development needs, ​interests and aspirations ​of​ CSR/Sustainability ​and International Development pr​ofessionals related to social dimension of​ sustainability and​ role of business in society.

Start making a deliberate effort to own your ​career and ​
 ​​leverage the power of ​your network

​In ​almost any ​meaningful endeavor, the key to success is to get started​ and be consistent. ​How intentional are you about growing your ​personal learning and professional ​network? ​Do you always try to figure out everything just by yourself? How do you make sure you don't end up re-inventing the wheel? What if you could​ ​​​tap into the power of your global peer support network and collective intelligence ​when ​developing and implementing ​responsible and sustainable business practices​​​ and growth strategies and making your next career move? ​

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