human rights in business - opportunities for csr managers

Human Rights in Business: Opportunities for CSR Managers

​Latest business trends and research reports clearly indicate that human rights ​are more part of CSR Managers' job today than only ​5 years ago. What are the opportunities ​out there and how could you prepare to leverage them for improving performance?

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modern CSR professionals 5 essential traits

5 Essential Traits of a Modern CSR Professional

​What does it take to be a modern Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professional? Learn about these unconventional yet essential traits that will set you apart, help remain always relevant, constantly improve performance on your current job, design innovative solutions, make greater difference and expand your opportunities.

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business and human rights continuous learning opportunities for csr professionals

Business, Human Rights and Development Continuous Learning Toolkit for smart CSR professionals

​Business and human rights agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ​are gaining momentum within companies around the world. ​As a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practitioner, you have enourmous opportunity to build extremely valuable skill set ​both on the workplace and outside your regular job. Let me help you explore numerous learning opportunities you might not have considered yet.

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